What is CBD?

CBD is a natural compound in the Cannabis plant.

Where does it come from?

The cannabis plant has over 100 different cannabinoids inside of it all with with varying purposes. CBD is the second most popular cannabinoid after THC. THC is the only cannabinoid that get’s you high and it’s not in any of our products.

How does it help people?

Our bodies naturally have a system known as the Endocannabinoid System. This area is currently under a huge amount of research but from what we know so far it plays a vital role in our bodies ability to regulate stress, sleep, mood and phycological responses.

Introducing extra cannabinoids into this system helps stimulate it and further regulate its functioning.

Is it natural?

Cannabinoids are a natural part of the function of every mammal. Our body produces cannabinoids by itself but can also absorb additional ones through our blood ( edibles, vaping, oils ). The feeling we all love after intense exercise is a stimulation of the Endocannabinoid System. 

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