It's time to
Unwind, naturally

We believe in helping Irish people Unwind naturally from life's anxiety, stress & worries. We do this by providing CBD, support & education so that one day, you won’t need CBD or anything else to feel your best.





2 Day

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies are our staple product. In this jar you can find 30 delicious gummy squares each consisting of 45mg of CBD.

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Sleep Gummies

These gummies contain a perfect blend, 45mg of CBD and 3mg of Melatonin. One gummy an hour before bed is all you need .

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Focus Gummies

CBG is a new extract that is known to support focus. Each gummy contains 45mg per delicious bite. Try one an hour before the next situation where undistracted focus is needed.

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Why choose Unwind?

We're not like the other CBD companies. At Unwind we focus on the solution and not the problem. We are dedicated to helping Irish people with sleep & anxiety issues unwind naturally.

What do we do?

We do this by providing CBD, support & education so that one day, you won’t need CBD or anything else to feel your best.

Our product

We guarantee to consistently improve our product and service through consistent feedback cycles. We are never satisfied with our products or service. They will always improve.

Why do we do it?

We believe that modern life is a high pace, high stress environment with little room for relaxing. We want to provide people a way to Unwind naturally, without needing to feel like a patient.


We listen to all feedback. You can use our chat system or email to speak to a real person about any issues you have.