What is CBD Bioavailability?

What is CBD Bioavailability?

One of our most common questions here at Unwind is what product is best for me? While the CBD element of all our products is identical, the way you consume it can make a huge difference into how it affects you.

What method is the best?

Each method of consumption has its own bioavailability which means, how much of the CBD I take will actually be absorbed into my body. As an example, the bioavailability of oral consumption ( gummies or capsules ) is estimated to be between 4% and 20%.

If we take a 25mg gummy and a 10% bioavailability estimate our body would only receive 2.5mg of CBD and the rest would be lost in our digestive system.

We can look at the chart of all methods below :

Oral ( Edibles )4% – 20%Link
Sublingual ( Drops )12% – 35%Link

In essence this means, if you are willing to vape you should, and if not you should take the oils, and if holding something under your tongue is difficult for you then the edibles are a good choice.

Is it even worth having edibles?

Yes definitely. The understanding of bioavailability can be a surprise to some. It is strange to think if you pay for 1000mg of CBD gummies you may only absorb 100mg, but this is taken into account in the dosage recommendations and the price per usage still remains similar.

Edibles are also so much more convenient than the other methods.

Similar effects happen in other medicines and it’s just the way our body works.