Commonly Asked Questions About Our Edibles and Products

All of your CBD gummy FAQs answered by the Unwind CBD experts.

We’re commonly asked the same questions and we aim to answer these below.

Is CBD Legal in Ireland?

EU law means all CBD products with under 0.2% THC are legal, but some countries have their own legislation. Our gummies have 0% THC meaning we don’t even have trace amounts of CBD in our products. Check out our blog post on the legality of CBD in Ireland for more insight

If you are worried about consuming CBD Unwind gummies, speak to your doctor first.

Let’s start with the obvious question:

CBD Unwind gummies: Will I Get Addicted?

You will not get addicted to CBD Unwind gummies. Studies have not found CBD to be addictive. CBD doesn’t have any ‘high’ effects. The mind-altering effects of the cannabis plant comes from the THC molecules, which is why all CBD oil in the EU is regulated to that >0.2% mark. Even the World Health Organisation reports that CBD isn’t outright addictive. The exact line is that “CBD does not appear to have abuse potential.”

Will CBD Unwind gummies Make Me High?

CBD will not make you high. The second part of the statement from WHO shows that CBD does not cause harm. A further systematic review in 2020 showed that CBD had no mind-altering effects. The systematic review of hundreds of studies took hundreds of people and trials into account. They found that CBD is overall well tolerated in patients with mild side effects, if any.

So no, CBD won’t make you high. THC might, but legally speaking, the EU make all CBD oils 0.2% THC or under.

How Long After I Take CBD Unwind gummies Before I Feel the Effects?

Another common question is how long your CBD Unwind gummies will take to work. This depends on several factors such as your age, weight, height, metabolic rate, genetics, etc. Differing methods of administration require differing absorbency times. Let’s look at how long each method of taking CBD works, including CBD Unwind gummies.

CBD Vaping

Growing in popularity, this method allows your CBD goodness to pass through the cell walls in the lungs. This is an extremely fast method of taking your CBD. Drawbacks are that smoking is not for everyone.

Time till Effect: Instant/1-2 minutes

Creams and Balms

Applying CBD creams to your skin takes the longest of all methods of applying your CBD. It takes a couple of hours before the CBD absorbs through the thick cell walls in the skin. You must reapply at set intervals to keep the effects.

Time till Effect: 2 hours +

Tinctures and Oil

You can administer CBD oils under the tongue where the cell walls are thin. Rubbing it into the gums is another method of doing the same thing. This works quickly but some oil is lost due to swallowing it.

Time to Effect: from instant to 2 hours, depending on how much you swallow.


Edibles such as CBD Unwind gummies take a little longer to work than the oils or the vapes. They are faster than the topical creams and balms. The more complex the edible you ingest, the longer your body takes to break it down. Similarly, if you take an edible with a stomach full of food, your body will take longer to process it.

Time to Effect: 30-90 minutes+

Other Details Affecting How Long Gummies Take to Work

We suggest you take your CBD Unwind gummies an hour before you want to feel the relaxing benefits. However, as we mentioned there are affecting factors which might affect how long your gummies take to kick in. These include some of the following things.

How much you’ve eaten

If you have a full stomach, your gummies will take longer to pass through the digestive system. It is not until your liver processes the CBD that it arrives in your bloodstream.

What your metabolic rate is

Are you young or old, healthy, or unhealthy, genetically inclined towards being thinner? All of these impact your metabolic rate. In turn, this tells you how long it will take to process your gummies.

Body Shape

Someone who is larger will need more CBD for the same effects as someone who is smaller.


When a medicine reacts with the CBD food supplement, it can slow or speed your absorption.


Those who are younger process foods faster.

How Long do CBD Unwind gummies Last For?

CBD Unwind gummies last for different amounts of time depending on metabolic rates, leanness, exercise routines etc. Since everyone has their own unique genetic makeup, you have your own unique timeframe when it comes to ingesting CBD Unwind gummies. Again, there are lots of things that will affect how long it takes your CBD Unwind gummies to work. Here is a summary of these factors:

  • Leanness: since CBD binds inside fat cells, it takes longer for it to leave a larger body than a smaller one.
  • Exercise routine: high intensity exercise burns off the fat cells, releasing stored CBD back into your system.
  • Metabolic rates: If your metabolism processes foods quickly, the CBD will enter your system sooner and fade out faster.
  • Stomach contents: full stomachs mean a longer processing time for your CBD.
  • CBD content: the stronger the gummy, the bigger the bang.

Now that we know how long a CBD gummy’s effects will last, let’s look at how long CBD stays in your system for. Remember, CBD is not a drug, it’s a food supplement. Employers don’t tend to test for it even in serious government roles.

How Long Will CBD Stay in My System For?

CBD will stay in your system for 1-2days. Those worried about drug tests shouldn’t worry about CBD. In the EU. CBD is a food supplement. It’s an oil. Just like a drug test wouldn’t test for olive oil, it oughtn’t to test for CBD. The one thing it may pick up on is the THC content of the CBD oil, which is miniscule.

When we talk about how long a drug lasts for, we call this its ‘half-life’. CBD has a half life that depends on your unique genetic makeup. So far, the best estimates sit between 18 and 32 hours. Studies suggest that it sits between 1 and 2 days. This means that even if you were worried about a drug test, you can stop taking CBD oil the day or two before to be sure of passing it. You can read the relevant study for yourself, here.

However, the above depends on a small dose of CBD. If you take a huge dose, it will stay in your system for longer. Estimates are that it depletes by half every 24 hours. Check out our post on CBD dosages for more details

I Have a Drugs Test: Can I Take CBD Oil?

You should stop taking CBD oil a few days before your drugs test to make sure you don’t test positive for the trace amounts of THC which can be found in a full spectrum oil. These trace elements could be enough to give you a positive result. They should show up as trace amounts, so if it happens to you, it could be explainable.

That being said, there are ways you can mediate how much THC you are exposed to through your CBD oil. You could search for a 0% THC product which would negate that trace amount and positive result. A Broad Spectrum or CBD concentrate oil will cut THC content.

If you choose a full-spectrum CBD oil, choose one that comes from a hemp plant, instead of a cannabis plant. Hemp derived CBD oil shouldn’t have any more than 0.3% THC.

Should you take CBD oil before a drugs test? Probably not. If you must, then opt for the CBD isolate oil.

How Many Gummies Should I Take?

We suggest one of our gummies. If you’ve just started taking your CBD Unwind gummies, you should start off small. Take one for a week, then increase to two, three, and so on. You won’t notice any sort of a high feeling. You may have different reaction times to someone taking the same dose, so try to figure out what your own body can handle.

If you take one gummy and feel no effect after two hours, it is safe to take another. Remember, they won’t make you high. If you are worried about how many you should take, see a doctor for advice. There may be instructions on the packaging, but we recommend three gummies a day to someone of average size.

When used correctly, CBD Unwind gummies will have a positive effect on your wellness routine.

When Should I Take My CBD Unwind gummies?

When you take your CBD Unwind gummies is entirely up to you. Many like to save their relaxing benefits for the evening when they finish work. Other CBD users prefer to take them in the morning so that their bodies get the benefits throughout the working day. Try thinking about some of the following factors before you decide when to take them.

CBD Effect

What effect does CDB have on you? Do you take it to fall asleep or to sharpen your focus? Do you use it to slow down a hyperactive brain or to speed up a sluggish one? All of the answers to these questions will help you decide when to take your CBD Unwind gummies. Stick to what works best for you.

Benefits of taking CBD Unwind gummies at night

If you take CBD Unwind gummies at night, they will ease you into a restful sleep. This is perfect for those that suffer from insomnia and mental health disorders, since it helps you drift off rather than going over past mistakes at 3 am. Taking CBD at night helps soothe your digestive system and calm you down.

Discover CBD Unwind gummies to Unwind and CBD Unwind gummies to Sleep.

Benefits of taking CBD Unwind gummies in the morning

On the other hand, taking CBD Unwind gummies in the morning can help you cope with recurring pain. Aches, pains, muscle problems, joint issues, and more, can all be treated with the application of CBD oils and gummies. You might receive help from better focus and increased vitality, too.

Discover CBD Unwind gummies to Focus.

Can I Take CBD Unwind gummies As a Pensioner?

It is just as safe for an elderly person to take CBD Unwind gummies as it is for a younger person to take them. Research is proving promising in treatment of certain conditions associated with elderly people using CBD. For example, the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients. Studies show that cannabis and CBD oils can slow or stop the advancement of the proteins which cause the degeneration of the brain. This means CBD could be the best supplement that your body gets as a senior.

Can I Take CBD Unwind gummies as a Breastfeeding Mother?

If you are breastfeeding your child, you pass on the body’s nutrients through the breast milk you feed them. There is a lack of comprehensive research in this area. We recommend that you do not use CBD Unwind gummies or oils if you are breastfeeding. We don’t have enough studies showing potential effects on children. If you are worried about CBD oil use already throughout your pregnancy, speak to your doctor. Consider switching to a broad spectrum or CBD isolate oil instead, since this doesn’t have the potentially harmful effects of even a trace amount of THC.

Can I Drive My Car After Taking CBD Unwind gummies?

This is an often misunderstood area of the law and with good reason. CBD potentially includes trace amounts of THC and we should not drive while under the influence of the cannabis plant. However, some CBD oils are isolated or descend from the hemp plant, further reducing your risk of exposure to THC.

Here are all your questions about using CBD Unwind gummies and driving, answered in one place.

  1. Q) Is it safe to drive after taking a CBD gummy?
  2. A) If you feel drowsy, dizzy, nauseous, or otherwise sleepy after you take your CBD Unwind gummies, then you shouldn’t drive. THC content in gummies in Ireland is under 0.3%. This is not enough to get you high. However, gummies can relax you, so do be wary.
  3. Q) Will the police arrest me if I drive on CBD?
  4. A) Since CBD oils and gummies have no mind-altering effects on your cognitive functioning skills, there is no impairment caused. The police won’t arrest you because CBD isn’t a drug. It is a food supplement.
  5. Q) Is it legal to drive under the influence of CBD?
  6. A) Since CBD is not a drug, you cannot be under the influence of it. It is a food supplement that has only trace amounts of potentially psycho-active compounds. If you are worried about taking CBD oil and driving, be sure to choose a broad spectrum or a CBD isolate oil, which will not include any THC.

Illicit Drugs/Alcohol

If you take CBD oil or gummies in conjunction with illicit drugs or alcohol, then you should not drive after you take them. You should never drive when you are under the influence of any drugs, but it is important to make the distinction between drugs and CBD oil, which is not a drug.

Further Notes on Driving After CBD Use

If you feel in any way that your CBD dose has affected your ability to drive, then you should leave the keys at home. CBD shouldn’t affect your cognitive functions, but the supplement has a different effect on different people. IF you think you are impaired, don’t take the risk.

Conclusion: Should You Take CBD Unwind gummies?

If you want to take CBD but you don’t like the taste or feel of the oil, CBD Unwind gummies are an excellent, sweet-treat way for you to get your daily dose. They are tasty, fun, and must be kept out of the reach of children for obvious reasons. Even so, they are not for everyone. You can pick up our exceptional quality CBD Unwind gummies right here on the Unwind CBD website: Ireland’s number 1 store for CBD products that you can trust. If you don’t like gummies, you can also buy CBD oil online from our store.