A Guide to Taking CBD Products

In recent years, hemp and cannabis products have become widely available to the medical and health industries. This has led to increasing amounts of clinical studies suggesting CBD could be a beneficial

If you have been interested in the tales of this fascinating form of medication straight from Mother Nature’s own apothecary, you should begin your journey with information. In the following article, we will cover some of the most important points to consider when taking Cannabidiol.    

An Introduction to CBD  

There are a variety of ways to introduce CBD to the body, but for simplicity’s sake, we will be looking at the two most common ways: oral and topical applications. Within these two categories lie most of the CBD products available on the markets today.    

Ingest It Orally  

If you have little experience in CBD and CBD products, ingesting your CBD products would be a very easy place to begin. You are probably familiar with the process of taking medication in pill or capsule form, so your CBD supplementation would be no surprise. Furthermore, you will be able to get the exact dosage you are looking for in the prepared dosages.   

Measuring dosage and measuring the effects you experience is an important part of getting the right treatment. Many customers will begin with a smaller dose such as a 2b mg capsule and slowly increase their dosage as time goes by and they become more attuned to the effects of the CBD. Ingested CBD products will take a longer time to make it through the digestive tract to the point where they can be introduced to the blood. Sometimes as long as an hour — but they will also stay in the body for several hours.  

You can also just go for the CBD oil itself. Tinctures can be introduced to the body in a variety of ways. Some people will choose to take their CBD sublingually, which is through the thin membranes under the tongue, where the CBD can be introduced to the blood much faster than through the digestive tract.   

But CBD oils and tinctures can also be placed in soups, salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and beverages of all sorts.  A tincture also makes it possible to measure dosages exactly.   

Then there are chewable CBD gummies. These small tasty morsels of cannabinoid goodness contain a refined CBD product that has been isolated from the hemp plant. They can also be found in different sizes, shapes, varying sugar contents, and CBD doses. Here is a good guide to gummies

The good thing about taking CBD in foods and other ingested presentations is the way the body evenly delivers the CBD product throughout the body. Which is a very good way to address situations like anxiety, insomnia, inflammatory conditions, and other whole-body conditions. If you are looking for a product for addressing conditions like a painful joint, muscle strain, or neck pain, a topical product would probably be a better option.   

Or even better, a combination of the two.   You can check out all our CBD products here.

Topical Application  

Topical application will include the vast array of ointments, creams, balms, salves, and poultices that can be applied to the affected region of the body to treat a variety of conditions located at a specific part of the body. CBD is an effective remedy for all kinds of inflammatory reactions from psoriasis and acne, to arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Athletes will also use these topical treatments to relieve the strain of intense workouts and facilitate the healing process.    

Isolate Vs Full Spectrum 

We offer two options in our CBD products, isolates, and full spectrum. This is because we believe, and clinical studies have confirmed this to be fact, that cannabinoids are best served alongside all the special terpenes and other secondary metabolites that make up the chemical profile of the hemp plant.   

Nevertheless, some may be concerned that a full spectrum product could raise red flags on anti-doping tests. For these situations, we offer the “isolate” option which contains nothing but legal CBD.   

How much CBD oil should a person start with?  

As a general rule when taking natural medication you should always begin with a relatively small dosage and slowly raise the amount until you reach a comfortable level. This will allow you to take an intuitive approach to your treatment and this always leads to the best results.  

As with all-natural treatments, eating healthy, getting plenty of rest, and improving your bodily processes will increase the efficacy of the treatment. You should also check with your health provider to make sure your CBD treatment will not interfere with any other medication you could be taking.  

Here is a good guide to CBD dosages.

How do you take CBD oil at home?  

The directions provided on the CBD product of your choosing will include explicit instructions on how these products can be taken. You may benefit from trying an array of products and finding which is best for you.