Where can I buy CBD Vape Oil?

What to look for when buying CBD vape oils in Ireland

  1. Does it contain additives?
  2. Hemp Sourcing Location
  3. CBD Production Process
  4. Ingredients Used
  5. Lab Reports
  6. Price

A Review of the Top CBD Oils You Can Trust

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most famous hemp compounds. One of the reasons why it is famous is because it does not cause any intoxicating effects. Put simply, CDB does not get you high, unlike THC, the other famous cannabis compound. 

Another reason why CBD has become popular is because researchers have found that it has several health benefits. Some people use CBD to relieve anxiety, improve their sleep and relieve pain. 

CBD is also popular because of its versatility. There are many ways to consume CBD and everyone can find something that works for them. Some people like vaping CBD oil, others like using CBD gummies while others like using CBD edibles. 

In Ireland, vaping CBD oil has become one of the most popular ways to use CBD. It is efficient, has a high bioavailability and generally looks really cool. IF you are looking for the highest quality CBD vape oil in Ireland, there are some things that you need to know. And this article will help you buy the best CBD vape oil in Ireland. 

What to look for when buying CBD vape oils in Ireland

The increased popularity of CBD vape oils has caused a boom in the number of vape oils in the market. Companies from Ireland and all over the world have flooded the market and at times it might seem overwhelming. Therefore, choosing the best one or good quality CBD oil for vaping becomes challenging. 

Besides, we must appreciate that the CBD vape oil industry is still relatively new. Because of this, the creation and distribution of CBD oils is not under the strictest scrutiny. This lack of scrutiny has caused fears among consumters about the quality of CBD vape oils available. 

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider before you buy CBD vape oil. 


1. Does it contain additives?

If you want to get the most out of your CBD vaping oil, you need to know what additives have been added to it. Additive free vape oils are some of the best in the market. However, if the oil does contain additives they should offer an added benefit to the consumer.


2. Hemp Sourcing Location

When buying any CBD product, you have to consider where the hemp used to make it was grown. Hemp is the primary ingredient in the manufacturer of CBD products and the quality of the hemp greatly affects the quality of the produce. 

Most companies have decided to grow their own hemp which makes it very easy to track the quality of the CBD oil. For companies that do not have their own farms, it’s a little tricky to track their hemp. However, we have come up with an easy checklist that you can use to ensure that a company uses high quality hemp. 

  • Where is the farm located?
  • What farming practices were used during the growing process?
  • How sustainable are the farms?

The location of the farm

Companies can choose to get their hemp from a variety of sources. Some of the most popular hemp sourcing locations are China, the US, and Europe. The difference in the hemp quality is caused by the difference in the nutrient content in the soil. 

Soils in the US are some of the most nutrient rich in the world. This means that the hemp grown there tends to be of higher quality than hemp grown in other countries. 

Farming methods

Although the CBD industry is relatively young, some farmers have identified the best practices for growing hemp. These best practices were adopted from decades of agricultural research. They include:

  • Only getting seeds from accredited sources. 
  • Making sure that the soil has the right pH balance
  • Avoiding the excessive use of chemicals

Is the farm sustainable?

According to a 2015 Nielsen report, consumers are more willing to pay for a product that has been sustainably sourced. Sustainability is especially important to millennials as 73% of millennials are willing to pay more for sustainably sourced goods.

Companies that make CBD vape oil should source their hemp sustainably for two reasons:

  • To appeal to a wider audience
  • To ensure the protection of the environment 


3. CBD Production Process

At the commercial level, there are multiple ways to produce CBD vape oil. These methods are:

  • Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction
  • Liquid solvent extraction
  • Oil infusion

Of these three methods, supercritical carbon dioxide extraction is considered to be the best and safest methods. Here’s a rundown of how the process happens: (For a more in-depth explanation of how CBD oil is produced, you should read our beginner’s guide on CBD oil.)

  • Carbon dioxide is made to reach supercritical temperature and pressure. At this point it is a liquid that has some properties in common with a gas. 
  • An extraction chamber is filled with ground hemp then the carbon dioxide is passed through it dissolving the hemp compounds. 
  • The CO2 and oil are separated in a separate chamber and the oil is then purified.

This process ensures that the CBD vape oil produced is of the highest quality.


4. Ingredients Used

Often a product lists the ingredients used on its label. As established by Jandonline, most people usually do not care to confirm the kind of ingredients listed on a product label. And we honestly can’t blame them, even we don’t read the product label every single time. 

However, when it comes to our CBD vape oil, we don’t take any shortcuts. We read every word written on the product label. A product label is something of a road map, it tells you what is in a product and in what concentration. 

You should check whether your product contains fat-based oils that are natural, plant-derived and safe such as olive oil, and hemp seed oil. You should also verify if there are any colouring and/or flavouring used. These ingredients should ideally be derived from extracts of natural plants. 

Once you’ve checked out what’s contained on the product label, you should counter check it with the information on the company’s website. If there’s any information on the website missing from the label you should think twice about buying it. 


5. Lab Reports

A lab report is one of the most important things for any CBD company to obtain. In most cases, CBD companies usually have an independent lab test their products. These 3rd parties usually test the safety, purity and potency of the CBD products. The lab also tests the TCH concentration level and he amount of contaminants, both organic and inorganic. 

Once the results of the lab tests are out, most CBD companies put them on their website. This makes it easy for concerned customers to check out the lab reports. If the lab report is not available on the website, you can contact the company through their website, call or email. 

Most CBD oil companies will respond quickly and provide you with their lab report. However, if they do not provide you with a lab report then that is a big red flag. It could be a sign that the CBD vape oil has not undergone a lab test or that the results of the lab test were not positive. In such cases you should not purchase any product from that company. 

Sidenote: When you check the 3rd party lab results, you have to check whether the lab is accredited by ISO. You should also check if the lab test was performed recently. In the best case scenario, the CBD vape oil would be tested every year. This ensures that each batch of CBD vape oil is of the highest quality. 


6. Price

For most people, price is a major determinant of quality. That’s why people generally prefer to buy high priced goods over low priced goods. However, a high price is not an automatic indicator of quality. 

When buying CBD vape oil in Ireland, you need to make sure that you are not deceived by a high price. You need to make sure that you check the quality of the product. It is possible to find CBD vape oils that have the same quality but with different prices, some being relatively low-priced. 

You can also get great value if the company offers incentives for any CBD vape oil purchase. 


A Review of the Top CBD Oils You Can Trust

Don’t be surprised if you encounter or purchase CBD vape oils that have a lower CBD quantity than advertised. This is one of the lesser sins. What’s worse, is that some CBD vape oils may contain contaminants and synthetic chemicals that pose a health risk to you. Because of this, you need to know which CBD vape oils you can trust. We have scoured the internet, and these are the best CBD vape oils in Ireland:


Ultimate CBD

This particular CBD vape liquid is UK-made and guarantees a safe and high-quality product because of the advanced manufacturing technology and facilities used. Apart from the great tasting offered by this CBD vape juice, you will also benefit from a relatively affordable price.  

What’s more, Ultimate CBD has 5 popular Ultimate flavours to suit the unique taste and preferences of different users. The products have also been specially designed to ensure compatibility with different electronic cigarettes devices. 

Some of the main ingredients used include Vegetable Glycerol (VG), Natural Flavourings, Olive Oil, and THC below 0.2%. 

To make a purchase, you can go here


Pineapple Express E-liquid

Expert CBD E-liquid offers you a chance to fully benefit from the therapeutic effect of CBD oil. One of the biggest selling points of this CBD vape oil is that it does not contain any THC or nicotine. 

Moreover, all the plants used are grown in the USA in rich soils and using organic farming practices. The sustainable farming practices employed ensures the CBD oil produced is of the highest possible quality, deprived of any heavy metals, pesticides, and harmful solvents. 

Your vaping experience is also greatly enhanced because the company provides various options when it comes to strength and flavours. And if you love massive cloud production, then the Pineapple Express E-liquid is the right one for you.

Some of the ingredients used include plant terpenes and MCT. To make a purchase, you can go here


ErthHemp CBD Vape Juice

The hemp used to make this CBD vape oil is sourced from California, USA. The vape oil has been designed to be compatible with a wide array of electronic cigarettes devices. You can also benefit from up to three strengths and five flavours available for you to choose from. 

When making their CBD vape oil, ERTH Hemp use of CO2 extraction. This ensures that the oil is 100% natural and has no contaminants.   

The ingredients used include vegetable glycerine (VG), and natural flavourings. For more information and to buy one for yourself, click here


Expert CBD E-Liquid OG Kush

This product promises an enhanced vaping experience as it is available in different flavours and strength. All the plants used to make this product are grown under strict guidelines in the rich soils of the USA. 

The product has also been subjected to rigorous, third-party testing ensuring that quality control specifications are met. Additionally, you cannot get high if you use this product because it has zero THC. 

Ingredients used include Plant Terpenes and MCT. For more product information and purchase, click here


E-Liquid Watermelon OG

Like other Expert Spectrum CBD products, this one also has no nicotine or THC. The process of achieving relaxation is made quicker because the CBD oil is heated efficiently by the vaporizer. Accordingly, you are guaranteed the delivery of maximum value. 

This product has also undergone third-party testing to ensure guaranteed taste, potency, purity, and colour. 

You can either mix the CBD vape juice into any preferred e-liquid or use on its own. Alternatively, you can use CBD capsules or oil. 

The ingredients used are Plant Terpenes and MCT. For purchase, proceed here


Expert CBD E-Liquid Natural

This CBD vape oil is popular because it offers a convenient and cheap way of enjoying the therapeutic benefits of CBD. The ingredients used in this product are extracted from original cannabis strains. As a result, a user can expect to savour a pretty calming experience. 

The CBD is of the highest quality and is free from heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and THC. Likewise, the product has been subjected to halal and kosher certification. The product has also undergone a comprehensive, credible third-party testing using the chromatography method. 

To buy this vaping oil, click here

Final thoughts

When buying CBD vape oil in Ireland, you need to keep in mind every factor we mentioned here. That will ensure that you only get the highest quality products. 

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and family so that they too can join the CBD revolution.