CBG Focus Gummies


– Cube Shaped Gummies – Vegan
– 45mg of CBG Oil per Gummy
– Discreet Packaging and Easily Portable
– No THC
– Cruelty-Free

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Quality CBG Gummies Ireland for Focus

Our CBG gummies are made from quality CBG oil and have 0% THC – not even a trace. They’re both pleasant to taste and easy to eat.

Our CBG oil product is manufactured from the best ingredients and to the highest standards and is available in jars of 30 square CBG Gummies – each of which contains 45mg of CBG Oil per Gummy and absolutely no THC – perfect for Irish laws around CBD.  The same is the case with our CBD Oil,  Focus and Sleep range.

CBG Oil Dosage for Gummies

Like all our other gummies, our CBG gummies are best taken after eating, as your digestive system will be more active. Doing so in this way ensures the CBG will enter the blood stream within 30-60mins.  CBG oil gummies eaten on an empty stomach will be more slowly absorbed.  One Gummy is per serving is ideal and you can read more about dosages on our blog 

Our CBG Oil is non psychoactive and are certified THC free as per our lab results meaning you can take our CBG Oil Gummies in Ireland without concern and just sit back and Unwind.

What's Inside?

What’s inside?

CBG Gummy squares

We have nothing to hide about what goes into our gummies.

Water, Tapioca Syrup, Vegetable Glycerin, Agar Agar Powder, MCT Oil, Watermelon Food Flavoring, CBD Extract, Pectin, Food Coloring.

What does CBG oil do?

It is believed that CBG oil is able to bind itself to receptors where it is responsible for strengthening a neurotransmitter called anandamide. This in turn results in a healthier perception of life leading to better sleep, motivation, pain management, and regulated appetites.

How do CBG users feel?

Contrary to popular belief, CBGA is a broad term that describes the compound that doesn’t contain THC. As it doesn’t contain the THC psychoactive compound, users do not experience common side effects as they would with CBD. In short, it helps users feel energized and ready to focus.

Is CBG legal to use in the European Union?

In most European Union states, CBG is legal to use given a few exceptions to this rule. It is important to understand that in order for the CBG use to remain legal, it must contain 0.2% or less THC. However, Sweden, Norway, France, and the UK have banned substances with any traces of THC.

Can CBG oil offer any benefits for your skin?

CB1 and CB2 are endocannabinoid receptors that are located underneath the skin. As CBG is applied to your skin, it is absorbed through your epidermis to offer a number of benefits.

Does using CBG show up on a drug test?

Since CBG doesn’t actually contain THC, you have a very minimal chance of your cannabinoid use showing up on a drug test. Hemp plants do contain some amount of THC, and that means trace amounts do exist in CBG (usually, less than 0.3% of their weight). In short, very small amounts of THC may show up on your drug test.

Is it safe to use CBG daily?

Most people rely on CBG gummies to get their daily dosage, which are both safe and effective. However, it’s crucial to purchase from a reputable brand to minimize side effects.

How is CBG oil commonly used?

Most CBG oil comes in sublingual format that entails drops of the oil to get placed underneath your tongue. You apply the drops underneath your tongue and hold it there for up to a minute. Just apply up to 3 times per day for the most effective results.

How long before CBG starts working?

It really depends on the product you’re taking. CBG oil works quickly in as little as 15 minutes, but lasts for a fairly short time of 2 to 3 hours. However, CBG gummies can take up to 45 minutes to work, but they can provide lasting effects of up to 7 hours.

How long will CBG remain in your body?

Everyone is different when it comes to how long CBG remains in their system. Your BMI and metabolism are probably the biggest factors to impact the longevity of CBG effects. It is generally agreed that CBG remains detectable on average from 2 to 6 hours.

Does CBG make you get the munchies?

CBG can increase appetite if taken in doses of 120 to 240 mg/kg. These doses often result in an increasing need to eat.