How Melatonin can Help with Jet Lag

Jet lag can be a real killer and cause all sorts of problems for those that have travelled across timeszones. Some people like to use our melatonin sleep gummies for help, however there are numerous ways to make things easier. 

1. Start Preparing At Home
Are you traveling to a different time zone from yours? If yes, it would be advisable to prepare both your mind and body for the flight in advance. This is especially important for individuals worst affected by jetlag. Start preparing 3-4 days before the D-day as a rule of thumb. Start by progressively increasing or reducing your bedtime to match the destination’s time. Add/subtract an hour on the first day, then progressively add 1 hour until the difference is minimal. Be sure to go to bed exactly at that time, and wake up after getting enough sleep for the best results. This can be done with good sleep hygiene

2. Get Plenty Of Sleep A Day Before The Flight
Sleep plays a crucial role in reducing symptoms of jetlag. While most people prefer sleeping through the flight, experts recommend getting enough sleep a day or hours before a long flight. This helps the body relax and cool off and keeps your stress and anxiety minimal. Getting enough sleep before the flight, and sleeping through the flight, can help lower symptoms of jetlag even further.

3. Be Flexible With Your Schedules
Although you might be used to following strict schedules and timelines, you need to be flexible a bit when preparing for a long flight and fighting jetlag. Consider taking a half or full-day off, if possible, a day to the trip. If unable to, you’ll need to be creative to help yourself (body and mind) relax and adapt before boarding the plane. According to health experts, keeping your body temperature, blood pressure, digestion, and sleep-wake cycles in check, among other body functions, will go a long way in curbing anxiety, stress, and possible jetlag.

4. Avoid Arriving At Night
Plan your trip well and pick flights that will touch down in the late mornings or afternoon hours. You thus need to check the plane’s departure and arrival time to adjust your schedules accordingly. Arriving in the afternoon, say 3 p.m., for example, will make it easier for you to stay awake a few more hours, then retire to bed just like everyone there. You also should consider engaging in activities that’ll keep you from dozing off after arriving. Use the remaining evening hours to familiarize yourself with the city, go for a walk, or even go for dinner before retiring.

5. Choose Your Flight Wisely
Every plane is built and designed differently. Some planes are designed for a more comfortable ride (hence reduced anxiety and jetlag) compared to others, a reason you’ll want to choose your flight wisely, especially if flying to different time zones. The A380 and A350 planes, for example, are designed for long flights with more advanced features to keep passengers calm and comfortable. These planes come with hi-tech humidification systems and LED lighting systems to simulate the phases of daylight and retain air moisture. Some of these features go a long way in keeping jetlag at bay.

6. Split Your Journey
Is it possible to split your journey to allow for at least a day’s break? Creating a stopover into your trip can help minimize the chances of suffering from jetlag. You only need to plan the trip well to ensure it doesn’t interfere with/disrupt the purpose of the trip. Splitting the journey can also see you save a few dollars in the process. There are plenty of online tools that can help you with that.

7. Avoid Coffee And Alcohol Before And During The Trip
Alcohol and coffee can have several adverse effects when flying, especially if you are prone to jet lag. It would be best to avoid drinking your regular cup of coffee pre-flight. Alcohol, for example, can have dehydrating effects on your body and even make you fatigued even before alighting. It would thus be best to stay off these stimulants when travelling overseas or to a different time zone to reduce the symptoms of jetlag.

All of these tips and our gummies can help with sleep. If you have any queries about melatonin see our FAQs here.