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– Cube Shaped Gummies Vegan
– 45mg of CBD and 3mg of Melatonin
– Cruelty-Free – No Animal Gelatin
– Discreet and Portable
– 0% THC

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CBD Melatonin Gummies in Ireland for Sleep

Our CBD Sleep Gummies have been created to entice a relaxed state of mind – a state of mind that may help you fall asleep faster. Our CBD melatonin gummies contain a perfect blend, 45mg of CBD and 3mg of Melatonin – a naturally occurring hormone that has been shown to be associated with regulation of sleep and the sleep wake cycle. 

Our days are stressful and can cause us all sorts of sleep problems. A well rested person is a happier, more resilient and more focused person. Our CBD + melatonin gummies have been formulated to be tasty and a perfect companion and are available in Ireland. Just take one an hour before bedtime and Unwind with a delivery of our CBD + Melatonin gummies in Ireland.

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What's Inside?

melatonin gummies with CBD

We have nothing to hide about what goes into our gummies.

Water, Tapioca Syrup, Vegetable Glycerin, Agar Agar Powder, MCT Oil, Watermelon Food Flavoring, CBD Extract, Pectin, Food Coloring.

How long before sleep should CBD melatonin gummies be taken?

If you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD melatonin gummies for sleep, then it is best to use them about an hour before bedtime. Edibles like CBD and melatonin gummies usually take about 30 minutes to become absorbed within the body, as is the case with almost any dietary supplement. However, tinctures or vapes are absorbed much faster and they can help you fall asleep faster and work towards a restful night’s sleep.

At night, how much CBD for sleep should be taken?

If you’re wondering about the best dosage of CBD for sleep, try taking melatonin and CBD about 1 hour before you go to sleep. One of our gummies is enough if you have trouble falling asleep. This will help if you have trouble sleeping and provide a rested night’s sleep. 

Does taking melatonin make you feel very tired the following day?

The good thing about CBD and melatonin supplements is that you won’t feel tired the next day. CBD actually helps your body by regulating your circadian rhythm, helping to eliminate poor sleep without making you feel groggy, unlike a lot of prescription medication.

Taking melatonin and CBD is a great option to help you sleep and you don’t need to force yourself to sleep when you’re not feeling sleepy. Also, CBD only has an effect on the body for up to 8 hours, so when taken prior to sleep also helps sleep quality positively. Remember, you produce melatonin naturally in the body, it’s the sleep hormone that helps regulate the circadian rhythm.  

Is it possible to use melatonin along with CBD tablets?

You should always carefully consider the effects of combining different sleep aids and supplements. Thankfully, combining CBD and melatonin is safe. However, you should only purchase CBD and melatonin supplements from reliable and good sources. If you’re wondering how much melatonin is in each of our gummies, the answer is 3mg. The right amount for a good night’s sleep!

How much Melatonin is there in an Unwind Melatonin Tablet/Gummy?

Unwind created Melatonin gummies with CBD in order to help people who have problems sleeping. Each one of their CBD gummies contains 45mg CBD and melatonin 3mg which helps if you have trouble sleeping. Our Melatonin Ireland is available as a gummy that’s easy to take and pleasant to eat. 

If you use these CBD melatonin gummies, will it show on a drug test?

The answer to this question is no. If you ingest CBD capsules, it won’t show up on drug tests because drug tests aren’t designed to identify it. These drug tests would identify if you have THC in your system not sleep aids such as melatonin.

Does consuming these CBD sleep gummies impact your heart?

Would using CBD melatonin gummies cause heart issues? CBD on its own won’t cause heart problems. Do note that CBD is handled by the liver. While it is being broken down by your liver, it may have an impact on any heart or high blood pressure medications you may be taking. There are articles on Melatonin Ireland Holland and Barrett and Melatonin Ireland Boots on the internet that give some good information on the impact of melatonin on the body and heart if your’e looking for a further source. Both the Melatonin Ireland Holland and Barrett and Melatonin Ireland Boots articles have very similar conclusions and are worth reading. Always consult your doctor before taking anything new, especially if you have a medical condition. 

What happens when you take CBD melatonin gummies for sleep?

It is safe to use melatonin supplements in the short term to fall asleep and stay asleep. The good thing about melatonin is that it won’t make you dependent on it unlike other sleep medications. However, if you use it habitually, then you may experience a lower response or even hangovers. So, if you have long term problems sleeping then it may be best to look at other means of help to help you fall and stay asleep..

Which foods naturally contain melatonin?

Milk naturally contains melatonin and drinking a warm glass of milk before bed can help you to sleep better and impacts melatonin levels. Pistachios as well as other nuts such as almonds and cashews also contain melatonin. However, out of all the nuts, pistachios contain the most melatonin. Other foods that contain melatonin include goji berries, rice, tart cherries, mushrooms, fatty fish, oats etc. Melatonin supplements obviously have a stated dose, as do all types of dietary supplements for healthy adults, which makes the amount you get easier to calculate.

What Else is in your Sleep Gummies

Water, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Vegetable Glycerin, Agar Agar Powder, MCT Oil, Watermelon Food Flavoring, CBD Extract, Pectin, Food Coloring, amino acid, sodium citrate and no artificial flavours.

If you have difficulty falling asleep and want something naturally produced in the pineal gland (where natural melatonin production takes place) to help you enjoy a drug free rest free of sleep problems, then it’s worthy of consideration. Our gummies are also vegan, non GMO and gelatin free, as well as gluten free and free of synthetic dyes and no artifical flavours. They’re also a great tasting watermelon flavour – so there are few, tastier ways to get a good sleep. It’s a delciously good gummy!