Are All Stages of the Sleep Cycle the Same?

Sleep cycles do change. As you enjoy your night’s sleep you will experience cycles of different lengths. The first is often the shortest (between 70-100 minutes), while the cycles that follow can be anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes in duration. Stages in each cycle also tend to vary as the night progresses. Sleep cycles … Read more

What is the Sleep Cycle?

We may think that sleep is a single uniform experience – the truth is slightly more complex. A Good Night’s Sleep has Huge Health Benefits Your night’s sleep is made up of several phases in what is called the ‘sleep cycle’. This is made up of four distinct stages that envelope falling asleep, staying asleep … Read more

What are the Different Stages of the Sleep Cycle?

Sleep gummies can help you get your sleeping pattern back into sync. However, what are the different stages of sleep? We take a look before below, before you purchase some sleep gummies. Stage 1 Sleep This is the lightest stage of sleep. During this sleep stage, your EEG brain frequency will be slightly slower than … Read more

How Does Blue Light Impact on Sleep?

Research has shown that various colors of light can have varied effects on human beings and can cause you problems if you wish to fall asleep. For instance, light in the blue wavelength can be tremendously beneficial during daylight hours. Light of this kind can elevate reaction times, focus attention, and have a positive effect … Read more

How do you Prevent Jet Lag?

Controlling factors that contribute to jet lag is the most effective way to prevent it. This includes when you eat and exercise. Our sleep gummies are also known to help. Sleep gummies can help you relax and get your sleep cycle back into sync, so you can enjoy a normal sleeping pattern at your new … Read more

What if You Take Too Much CBD?

Drowsiness is the most common side effect of too much CBD edibles. People tend to fall asleep much earlier than normal when they use CBD gummies and they remain asleep for many hours. There are some who say they usually feel groggy the next morning after they consumed too much CBD. In rare cases, it … Read more

Can a person overdose on CBD?

No. You cannot overdose on a CBD edible even if you consume it in high doses because it is non-lethal. When you consume a lot of these CBD oils, there is an increased risk of side effects. With an extremely high dose of CBD you can feel lightheaded or dizzy, which easily increases the risk … Read more

What Do You Feel Like After Using CBD Gummies?

CBD edibles have a subtle effect. It has a non-psychoactive effect on your body, which means you are not going to get high. You will however notice a fuzzy but mild sensation. CBD edibles have relaxing effects and it can leave you feeling like you are hovering or floating. The body can feel heavier or … Read more

What are Cannabinoids?

They are natural chemicals inside the hemp plants and they interact with receptors in the body and lead to a number of benefits and effects. There are more than 100 cannabinoids inside the plant, but CBD and THC are the most popular. Each of them has a different reaction in your body because they react … Read more

Are Your Products Gluten-Free?

Our CBD gummies are not made using ingredients containing gluten, and we don’t process products with gluten ingredients or pectin. The hemp oil is constantly batch tested individually for gluten to make sure there isn’t any problem like cross-contamination in the field. If you have gluten sensitivity, it is a good idea to always begin … Read more