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CBG Focus Gummies

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Quality CBG Gummies Ireland for Focus

Our CBG gummies are made from quality CBG oil and have 0% THC - not even a trace. They're both pleasant to taste and easy to eat.

Our CBG oil product is manufactured from the best ingredients and to the highest standards and is available in jars of 30 square CBG Gummies - each of which contains 45mg of CBG Oil per Gummy and absolutely no THC - perfect for Irish laws around CBD.  The same is the case with our CBD Oil,  Focus and Sleep range.

CBG Oil Dosage for Gummies

Like all our other gummies, our CBG gummies are best taken after eating, as your digestive system will be more active. Doing so in this way ensures the CBG will enter the blood stream within 30-60mins.  CBG oil gummies eaten on an empty stomach will be more slowly absorbed.  One Gummy is per serving is ideal and you can read more about dosages on our blog 

Our CBG Oil is non psychoactive and are certified THC free as per our lab results meaning you can take our CBG Oil Gummies in Ireland without concern and just sit back and Unwind.

- Cube Shaped Gummies - Vegan
- 45mg of CBG Oil per Gummy
- Discreet Packaging and Easily Portable
- No THC
- Cruelty-Free


I starting using this as I struggle with anxiety and it really helped me focus and relax! Unwind were so helpful and ready to answer any questions I had! I will definitely be buying here again!

Emma K.

Focus gummies help me when I’m overwhelmed and need to get my job done. I also seriously hate cleaning and always take them when I need to get things done around the house. I’m very impressed.

Dillion F.

I love taking these on a day when I really need to focus and get a lot of work done. I was happily surprised by the next day delivery too!

Christina C.

What's inside?

CBG Gummy squares

We have nothing to hide about what goes into our gummies.

Water, Tapioca Syrup, Vegetable Glycerin, Agar Agar Powder, MCT Oil, Watermelon Food Flavoring, CBD Extract, Pectin, Food Coloring.

Common Questions

If you have a question that we havn't answered, just reach out to hello@unwindcbd.com

How many CBD Gummies should I take?

We have specially formulated this gummy so that you need to only take 1, 1 hour before bed for the best effects.

How do I use CBD Gummies?

This product is the most simple to use, just eat the gummy!

Do these CBD gummies contain THC?

All of our CBD products for sale, are completely THC Free. This is a legal requirement in Ireland. These CBD gummies do not even contain trace amounts of THC.

What do they taste like?

These gummies are watermelon flavoured. The flavour profile is a mix of the earthy CBD taste and a subtle watermelon flavour.

Are these vegan?

Yes we have recently made a change so that all of our products are vegan.

What is the right product for me?

If you are unsure about the right product for you, just take our product quiz or reach out to our customer support

Not sure what product to choose?

Try our product quiz, we'll reccomend the right product and dosage for you

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Not sure what product to choose?

Try our product quiz, we'll reccomend the right product and dosage for you

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