Unwind CBD Gummies Ireland


– Vegan Cube-Shaped Gummies Jellies
– Watermelon Flavour CBD Edibles
– Vegetable Glycerine, citric acid (an antioxidant) and malic acid (an antioxidant)
– No Animal Gelatine in Our Edibles
– 0% THC
– No Trace Amounts
– Discreet, Small and Portable CBD Jellies
– 45mg of CBD per CBD Gummy

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Unwind offers CBD gummies to the Irish market that are both pleasant to eat and easy to consume. Our staple CBD jellies product is made from the best ingredients and comes in jars of 30 square CBD gummies, each containing 45mg of CBD per gummy and absolutely 0 THC – not even a trace amount.  The same is the case with our CBD Oil,  Focus and Sleep range.

Quality CBD Gummies in Ireland with Free Delivery

We provide our CBD with free delivery throughout the Republic of Ireland – our CBD products are made from the highest quality CBD oils and comes from hemp, offering users an array of benefits in an easy capsule supplements like form.

CBD Jellies – What Dosage?

CBD Edibles are best taken after food as your digestive system will be more active. In this instance, the CBD will enter the blood stream in 30-60 minutes approx. Eating our gummies on an empty stomach will slow absorption.  One Gummy is per serving is the ideal dosage.

Our CBD is non psychoactive and are certified Tetrahydrocannabinol free as per our lab results meaning you can take our  Gummies without concern and just sit back and Unwind.

Lab Results

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Declan H.


I got the gummies for my anxiety and sleep ,since I've started the results have be unbelievable ,top class service also ,will definitely be ordering again

Martin O.

Does Work

Good for helping relieving body stress

Nicole L.

Amazing product and the service is super personalised

It was does exactly what it says 🙂

Michael. Howe


I think these are great. They help me to relax after work and my sleep is better.

Yvonne C.

My saviour

I use these for stress and sleeping, I find them great as there is no THC you can go about your normal day. And I have been having the best sleeps ever without the morning groggy feeling. Would highly recommend people giving them a go.

Andrew S.

Pleasantly surprised

Really enjoying these from an accessibly point of view. I had tried the drops but the taste stopped me from constantly taking it. These gummies are much easier. I havent noticed much of an impact in anxiety or arthritis but its early days yet - fingers crossed.

Yvonne C.

So relaxed

Started taking these for a number of reasons and I must say they are great and have already made a difference to my overall wellbeing. I will be ordering again.

Clara D.

Wouldn't be without them

Initially got these a few years ago for my mother who had dementia. She would get incredibly agitated & found if I preemptively gave her 2 gummies they did help. Now purchased for myself for my anxiety and yes I certainly feel they take it down several notches. Didn't realise it came in 2 sizes so thought I was getting larger pouch. So suggest you make the 2 size options & prices more obvious. Will definitely continue to use.

Alanna W.
Ireland Ireland


I got these gummies because I needed them for pain and anxiety. They are brilliant

Caroline C.
Ireland Ireland

Family use

My daughter suffers from anxiety and these gummies stopped an anxiety attack in its tracks. I have chronic muscular pain and just has one gummie a day Is keeping them at bay . My son is finding them great for sleep .

Helen F.

These are perfect to give to your kids. I am a mom of 4 and sometimes the kids are way too hyperactive. My young ones love to relax with these gummies and early bed time is great for us all. Love it.

Mateusz T.

The taste is phenomal. The only problem is that you will want to have more than just 2...

Tomek B.

These gummies have been very beneficial to me. I researched several companies and no one had the info this company did in exactly how much CBD each gummy contains. I have chronic low back pain, also arthritis in my hands and I'm getting relief from these gummies I also sleep better at night. The taste is pleasant and refreshing.

What's Inside?

What’s inside?

CBG Gummy squares

We have nothing to hide about what goes into our gummies.

Water, Tapioca Syrup, Vegetable Glycerin, Agar Agar Powder, MCT Oil, Watermelon Food Flavoring, CBD Extract, Pectin, Food Coloring.

What is CBD

CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol, which is the second most common chemical compound in Cannabis. It was discovered during the Second World war and is today a popular alternative treatment for a variety of mental and physical conditions. Cannabidiol can be derived from either marijuana or hemp, with the CBD products sourced from hemp still containing trace amounts of CBD. The CBD derived from marijuana may contain more. Each gummy contains 45mg of CBD per gummy.

What is THC?

THC is shorthand for Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis – responsible for the ‘high’ that many people enjoy. Its effect is due to its activation of the brain’s ‘reward system’ which is dependent on the release of dopamine (according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse – NIDA). It is the illegal component of the plant in Ireland and all CBD oil must have sub 0.2% Tetrahydrocannabinol in the EU. We have made sure our products are certified THC free.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that governs feelings of pleasure and has a positive effect on mood. Tetrahydrocannabinol stimulates the release of dopamine leading to elevated mood. Tetrahydrocannabinol has traditionally been enjoyed through smoking marijuana, but today is also available in capsule form, in the form of edibles, or as an oil.

What is The Difference Between THC and CBD

Both CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) affect the endocannabinoid system in the human body. This system is involved in regulating bodily functions and maintaining homeostasis. Research efforts are ongoing into just how the system operates, however it has been found to have impacts on memory, mood, sleep patterns, appetite, and even fertility.

Tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD do share some commonalities – but there are important differences between the two chemical compounds.

Are CBD Gummies Good For Me?

One of the easiest and tastiest ways to get your daily dose of CBD is if you buy CBD gummies. In fact, gummies are easier compared to vaping or oil.

How Long Do CBD Gummies Take To Feel Its Effects?

It generally takes about 30 minutes to an hour for CBD gummies to start working. The truth is that it does not kick in fast like some CBD drops, but is considered to be reasonably fast. Of course, your metabolism is a factor based on how quickly it works. Other forms of ingestion will speed up the process, for instance vaping CBD vape oils will see effects come on faster. 

What Is The Best Time To Take CBD Gummy? (In the morning or evening)

The good news is if you buy CBD gummies is there is no specific time to take CBD. The ideal time is whenever you feel and can easily fit it into your daily plan. Although, a majority of people prefer to consume CBD oil in the morning. The aim of doing this is to help them enhance productivity and maintain their energy levels throughout the day by taking smaller doses of CBD. Some prefer taking higher doses in the evening or before going to bed.

How Long Do CBD Edibles Last In System?

CBD edibles generally lasts between 2 to 5 days, depending on your digestive system. What does this mean? It simply means that the time frame does not apply to everyone. For some people, CBD oil can stay in their system for weeks – people are different. 

Are CBD Gummies Addictive?

Based on current research, CBD is not addictive. This makes it far from THC, which has the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Both THC and marijuana can lead to dependence. If you buy CBD gummies from us you will have no issues as they are sub the 0.2% legal limit – CBD gummies legal limit is currently 0.2% in the EU

Is It Ok To Take CBD Edibles?

According to research, CBD is safe to consume as a supplement. This is based on a paper by Usage Guidelines. Although, some people may experience some side effects from CBD oil, which of course it is rare. Taking CBD gummies should always be done with care and if you have any questions consult a medical professional.

Will CBD Oil Make You High?

It is important to note that CBD gummies do not have psychoactive properties. In other words, it will not make you high. 

Are CBD Gummies Legal In Ireland?

Because CBD products are extracted from hemp, it contains less than 0.2% of THC. In Ireland and the E.U., it is legal to consume CBD from hemp, from which our CBD edibles are sourced. However, it is illegal to consume CBD extracted from marijuana. Our CBD edibles are vegan and contain a few ingredients such as citric acid, Water, Tapioca Syrup, Vegetable Glycerin, Agar Agar Powder, MCT Oil, Watermelon Food Flavoring, CBD Extract, Pectin, Food Coloring. Nothing you’d not find in a standard soft sweet and a large factor in the success of our CBD edibles. 

Do CBD Gummies Show Up On Drug Tests?

The short and direct answer is NO. It does not show up on drug tests. CBD will not show up on drug tests because these tests are not designed to pick up on it. It is important to note that they are designed to pick up on THC usage.

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Consume?

We advise people who buy CBD gummies from us to to consume 45mg of our CBD gummies at a time – one gummy. Our CBD edibles have been formulated to be suitable as a single dose. It’s the perfect CBD edible for beginners. Always start small, that’s our advice.

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

This is a molecular system that is responsible for the regulation and balancing of many body processes in the body, which include communication between the cells, immune response, memory, appetite, metabolism, and more. Studies have shown that through metabolic enzymes and receptors, the system can interact with the human body which is going to result in effects.

Does CBD Come From marijuana?

No. It comes from hemp. But both marijuana and hemp are technically the same plant cannabis Sativa. Most CBD products are produced from hemp plants with a THC level of less than .3% – ours contain 0.0% to meet the law in Ireland on CBD oil. THC is the psychoactive substance inside marijuana – illegal in the Irish market. While tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol are extracted from one plant, they are very different. CBD and THC are two of the 113 other cannabinoids that can be found inside the plant.

Are products tested by a third party?

All the CBD gummies and CBD oils have been tested for efficacy, content, and purity by a third party. You can easily know what is inside the product by looking at the Certificates of analysis that you are going to be provided with how much CBD, THC or otherwise is in the product. You can see our lab reports here.

Is there a difference between CBD, hemp-seed oil, and hemp extract?

They are very different despite the fact they are extracted from one plant. Hemp-seed oil is extracted from the seed of the plant and doesn’t have CBD. Hemp extract is from the flowers, stem, and stalk of the plant, and these parts have high levels of CBD – ideal for our CBD gummies. Hemp extract and Full-spectrum CBD can be used interchangeably. Our CBD edibles undergo a process to remove THC – so there aren’t even trace amounts in our CBD edibles – perfect for the law in Ireland.

Are your Products safe for Pets?

There is the belief that CBD is going to have the same benefits for pets because we share the same endocannabinoid system, which is why there are vets recommending it. it is important to first visit a vet before you start giving your pet CBD. When you are getting started, you need to do it in small doses and make sure the supplements are working properly in the body.

Are Your Products Gluten-Free?

Our CBD gummies are not made using ingredients containing gluten, and we don’t process products with gluten ingredients or pectin. The hemp oil is constantly batch tested individually for gluten to make sure there isn’t any problem like cross-contamination in the field. If you have gluten sensitivity, it is a good idea to always begin with the lowest dosage of CBD gummies on our site and see if there is any reaction. If there isn’t an issue, you can start upping the dosage. Our CBD edibles are watermelon flavoured and the taste is a pleasure

What are Cannabinoids?

They are natural chemicals inside the hemp plants and they interact with receptors in the body and lead to a number of benefits and effects. There are more than 100 cannabinoids inside the plant, but CBD and THC are the most popular. Each of them has a different reaction in your body because they react with different receptors in the body and brain. This is why CBD and THC are going to have different mental and physical effects.

What Do You Feel Like After Using CBD Gummies?

CBD edibles have a subtle effect. It has a non-psychoactive effect on your body, which means you are not going to get high. You will however notice a fuzzy but mild sensation.

CBD edibles have relaxing effects and it can leave you feeling like you are hovering or floating. The body can feel heavier or lighter, and your mind feels relaxed and loose.

The higher your dosage, the stronger the effects are- but even if you consume high doses (more than 100 mg), you are not going to get high.

Some have described having an autopilot sensation after using CBD edibles. You feel like your body is reacting without much thought. When this happens, you are in total control of your mental state and it remains clear.

There are some who feel sleepy or tired after they consume high doses of CBD gummies. This is common for people consuming CBD oils products that have a high concentration of CBN, which is a related cannabinoid. This cannabinoid is known to be a strong sedative, but like all our products when you buy CBD gummies ours are THC free.

Can a person overdose on CBD?

No. You cannot overdose on a CBD edible even if you consume it in high doses because it is non-lethal.

When you consume a lot of these CBD oils, there is an increased risk of side effects. With an extremely high dose of CBD you can feel lightheaded or dizzy, which easily increases the risk of accidental injury. Our products are THC free (not even trace amounts) – so there is no way to get high from our CBD gummies. So be sensible when taking a daily dose – taking too many edibles won’t have any positive impact but could make you feel dizzy.

What if You Take Too Much CBD?

Drowsiness is the most common side effect of too much CBD edibles. People tend to fall asleep much earlier than normal when they use CBD gummies and they remain asleep for many hours.

There are some who say they usually feel groggy the next morning after they consumed too much CBD.

In rare cases, it can cause a drop in blood pressure, which causes lightheadedness and dizziness, especially when you stand.

Some start to feel nauseous after consuming too much CBD.

If you get any of the above symptoms, remain patient and wait it out. Reduce your dose the next time you use CBD so you don’t get them again.