How do you Prevent Jet Lag?

Controlling factors that contribute to jet lag is the most effective way to prevent it. This includes when you eat and exercise. Our sleep gummies are also known to help. Sleep gummies can help you relax and get your sleep cycle back into sync, so you can enjoy a normal sleeping pattern at your new destination.

The following are helpful suggestions that can reduce jet lag:

– Several days before your trip, go to bed one to two hours before your regular bed time.
– During your flight, reduce your consumption of caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, and stay hydrated with water instead.
– Stretch and exercise during your flight; try to stay active.
– If it is nighttime at your destination, try to sleep. Trying our sleep gummies can help you sync
– To block out excess light that can keep you awake, wear an eye mask.
– After you arrive, adjust your schedule and bedtime right away to accommodate the new time zone.
– If your trip is only two to three days long, don’t adjust your schedule; stick with your regular schedule for sleeping and eating.
– After your flight, do some exercise to stay alert.
– If you feel really tired after you arrive, take a 20-minute nap, but not longer than that.
– During the day, spend time outside in the sunlight as it will help your body’s internal clock adjust.
– If you traveled west to your destination, spend some time in bright light in the evening. If you headed east to your destination, spend time in bright light in the morning.
– Try to wake up early, and avoid naps during the day.

Obviously our sleep gummies can be a great way to help with jet lag and help you fall asleep even if you are in a new time zone and your circadian rhythm is causing you problems. Our sleep gummies have 3mg of the sleep hormone melatonin, are naturally delicious and have a fresh hint of watermelon flavour, gluten free and will help you wake up feeling refreshed – something that can’t be said for sleep medication. So, take them and there’ll be no more sleepless nights with our natural sleep aid.

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