How to Make your Own Cannabidiol Gummies

There are many varieties of Cannabidiol gummies on the market if you are interested in exploring these products. While purchasing commercially available cannabidiol gummies may be a convenient and straightforward option, some people are interested in making their very own gummies. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things to keep in mind when making these products.

In the following article, we will take a look at some of the most important things to consider if you will be making your very own cannabidiol gummies. The following ingredients must be used at different ratios to achieve the tastes and textures you expect. Not every cannabidiol gummy has the same set of ingredients either.

Making Gummies Home – What do you Need?

Not everyone has the same tastes or desires in their cannabidiol gummies, it will be important to choose how many of the following ingredients you wish to include in your product. This may mean you place fewer fruit flavorings, or use a different type of sweetener. If you will not be producing your cannabidiol gummies wholesale, you will not need to include anything like a preservative in your recipe.

Finally, make sure you have a proper hermetic container in which to store your gummies so they remain fresh as long as possible.


Gummies have a good amount of gelatin, which gives them their unique texture and firmness. This is derived from animal tissues and allows the mixture to achieve firmness when cooled. In recent years there has been some dispute about the ethical issues of gelatin, and strict vegetarians and vegans will have to find other products.

Corn syrup

Corn syrup is another important ingredient in your cannabidiol gummies as it stabilizes the gelatin and adds to the formation of the gummy. Corn syrup is naturally sweet, but its use here is not for its sweetness. Corn syrup here is used as a texture extender, used to keep the product sticky for a longer period. Corn syrup also prevents the sugar in the product from crystallizing.

Sweeteners / Sugars

There is a wide variety of natural sweeteners that can be used in place of regular cane sugar. There is beet sugar, lactose, fructose, and glucose. Some people like the idea of using natural organic sugar because they prefer to avoid the extra chemical process applied to make sugars white.


You will not need too much water to produce your cannabidiol gummies at home, just enough to activate the gelatin content. Most of the water will evaporate during the process, and the other ingredients will remain to form gummies once they have reached room temperature.

CBD Oil Gummies Require Additional Ingredients

The aforementioned ingredients are what are needed to create the actual candy. But then there are flavorings and preservatives to be chosen as well as the non-stick coatings that will prevent your gummies from sticking to their molds. Then there is the actual CBD content that will transform your candy into something medicinal.

The following ingredients will take your CBD products to a new level. Homemade edibles are not that difficult to make, but it takes a little practice to master the addition of the CBD product.

Colors and flavors

As you probably know, you can find gummy bears in a startling array of flavors. But yours do not have to be the same type of flavor, the same strength, or even contain as much sugar. Adding natural flavors to your gummies can be as easy as adding fruits to your gelatin mixture.

Fruit flavorings use concentrated fruit juice to provide your fruits with plenty of fruity flavors.

Some of the best fruit flavorings include:

  • Juice made from fresh fruits
  • Juice from an apple
  • Juice from grapes
  • juice of a lemon

This is the place where you can begin to play around with the different flavorings and varieties you want. Always begin with a smaller amount of flavoring and increase the amount to reach the strength you desire.


Many7 people are initially opposed to adding preservatives to their products and for good reason too. Citric acid is a common preservative that can be added to preserve the freshness of your product. It can also be dusted on the outside and used as a non-stick coating.

Here are some other substances that can be added to your gummies to keep them fresh for longer.

Non-stick coatings

If you choose the non-stick spray oil for your non-stick coating you will have some shiny gummies in perfect form. Corn-starch is another non-stick coating that helps produce perfect gummies but they will be dusted in white powder. Both of these can be used in your molds before you add your ingredients to keep them from sticking to the sides when they settle at room temperature.

What dosage of these gummies should you use?

The next step will be adding CBD content to your gummies, otherwise, we are simply making a tasty candy. Based on the ingredients and ratios you have already used to get this far; you can adjust your CBD content to the final weight of your gummy mixture.

Tinctures of CBD Oil

Fill the molds you will be using and prepare to add the drops of CBD to the final product. Without getting into advanced mathematical equations, you can divide the amount of CBD you will use for the total weight by the number of gummies in the molds. The product will be the number of droplets to place in each gummy mold. If you are looking to find the right dosage for you, you can increase the number of drops used in each gummy as you create new batches.

The advantage of using a CBD formulation, like a tincture or CBD oil, is that you can rest assured the THC content will not go above the amount regulated by EU law, which is 0.2% THC. This ensures that you will not become intoxicated by the gummies.

Finally, once they are ready for consumption, place your cannabidiol gummies in a hermetic container where they will not lose their potency before they are consumed.

Alternatives to Making Your Homemade Gummies

Another cheap and easy way to make your very own cannabidiol gummies is by buying commercially available candy and repurposing it.

Simply melt the gummies and add the CBD you want to the melted candy. Start on a very low heat to not burn the candy. If it begins to foam up and overflow, it is getting too hot or you are adding too much product, allow it to cool and stir gently.

Then pour the mixture into the molds you have and allow them to cool as normal.


As you can see, creating your own cannabidiol gummies is a very easy process. It is the CBD oils you choose to use that will ultimately make or break your products. But you should know that before you start selling or enjoying your cannabidiol gummies you know what is the best dosage of CBD for you regularly.