How to Buy the Right CBD Products for you

If you do not wish to smoke cannabis just to ingest CBD, the good news is that you can take CBD-infused edibles in Ireland and still enjoy its benefits. CBD-infused edibles are hardly noticeable and can be acquired easily and cost-effectively. More significantly, they are offered to customers in various forms, like CBD cookies and CBD drinks. Gummies are the most widely used form of CBD edible.

Choosing the Right CBD Product

Not all gummies are made the same way, as much as they all may be tasty. Most gummies lack the ingredients listed on their labels, an observation that has caught the eye of the EU.

One common question is how to distinguish the studs from the duds. This is why we have prepared this excellent guide to help you purchase gummies. We invite you to continue reading to gather the necessary information, like what to look for on the product’s label, the dissimilarity between full spectrum and isolate, and how to determine the right dose to take.

Start By Knowing Your Cannabinoids

The best way of anticipating the impact of cannabis is to know the kind of cannabis you are putting in your body.

A Comparison Of Full Spectrum And Isolate CBD in Ireland

Anyone looking to harness all the therapeutic benefits found in CBD is advised to always go for the full spectrum of edibles. The phrase “full spectrum” refers to the product’s production process where all the plant’s cannabinoids are retained in the end product. This means there are traces of THC, which, according to some manufacturers, contributes to the entourage effect.

As the cannabinoids react together to give off their benefits, there is plenty of synergy between them because of the “entourage effect.” By inference, full spectrum products have the most beneficial effects because of the unique nature of interaction between the cannabinoids.

In contrast, an isolate, as the name suggests, is a singular cannabinoid extracted in a laboratory setting. It can be THC or CBD. It is available in a concentrated crystalline form or as a white powder. People who prefer isolates do so because the extract lacks traces of THC. On the downside, the isolate’s therapeutic benefits are less powerful.

Also take note of the broad spectrum option, which resembles the full spectrum except that it lacks THC, which is completely removed. However, as a hemp product, we expect traces of THC to be very small in the first place.
So, what is the implication of this information on recommendations made at the dispensary counter? It implies that a lower dose of a full-spectrum product has greater potential benefits than a bigger dose of an isolated product. The first information to look out for on the product’s label is whether the product contains full spectrum CBD or CBD isolate.

Comparing Hemp And Hemp Seed Oil

Another common concern is distinguishing hemp from hemp seed oil and hemp from regular ol’ CBD. In many ways, hemp flower and CBD flower are very alike and have one difference only – hemp contains THC content, and the Irish law limits this amount of THC to 0.0% though EU law differs. However, CBD flower may contain tiny amounts of THC.

Therefore, hemp extract refers to the CBD-rich oil produced from the dried hemp flower. This implies that genuine CBD may be categorized as “CBD (Cannabidiol)”, or “hemp oil”, “full spectrum hemp”, or “PCR (phytocannabinoid rich) hemp extract”. Other times, you will come across hemp CBD as an isolate (‘hemp CBD isolate’), which is less potent.

Conversely, hemp seed oil is produced from crushed hemp seeds, which lack CBD. Hemp seed oil comes with its own share of health benefits but is different from the CBD you want. You are likely to find this product in the list of the ingredients labeled as “cannabis sativa seed oil” or “hemp seed oil”.

Avoid buying or consuming products that do not indicate in detail the kind of CBD used. Most of the products you should avoid buying generally show CBD as “cannabis extract” or “cannabidiol” as the ingredient contained in the product.

Understanding What Is On Your Product’s Label

We know you are smart because you have already mastered the distinct types of CBD in your edibles. Next, we want to show you what the information on the product’s label means.

Third-party Testing Of The Products & Certificate Of Analysis (CoA)

Evidence of third-party testing is one of the important pieces of information to look out for on the product’s label. Third-party testing means a different party other than the manufacturer has tested all the batches of the CBD edibles to confirm the ingredients in the products are as enlisted on the product’s label.

Third party labs such as provide customers with this information via a certificate of analysis (CoA). The COA reveals a comprehensive analysis of the ingredients and their concentration in your edibles.

CoAs form the basis for transparency in the CBD industry in Ireland and worldwide. It is always advisable to buy from brands that have CoAs on their products to help you authenticate that you are buying and consuming safe, reliable, and tested CBD products only.

The Right Dosage & Serving Size

It is also important to note the serving size of the product you want to buy. For instance, one product package may have 50 mg of CBD in total, while the required serving size or dosage is a paltry 5 mg. For this reason, it is vital to cut up the CBD edible to ensure you start by taking the required dose only.

Many gummies are made with 5 mg of CBD each. First-time individuals may begin by taking the single 5 mg serving size of the CBD, sitting out for a minimum of thirty minutes to experience how it feels, before they can increase the dosage. Please note, you can even begin by taking 2.5 mg if you are extra sensitive or concerned about the initial reaction. Experienced people can start at 10 mg per gummy and move on to 25 mg, which is quite potent and meant for medicinal reasons.

To me, 20 mg gummies are simply adequate for me, but I begin to get sleepy at 40 mg. Nevertheless, it is always important to remember that the potency of the product’s dosage is based on whether you are consuming a full spectrum or an isolate product.

In many cases, CBD in high amounts is not harmful as humans can tolerate a maximum of 1,500 mg. However, one must wait for a couple of hours before consuming additional CBD dosage. This time enables your body to completely digest and absorb the CBD product. Consuming too much of the product can cause you to feel drowsy. Check out this guide to dosage here.

The Source Of The Product

Always look at the product’s label to determine where the cannabis or hemp has been sourced from. We encourage consumers to buy hemp grown in the USA or EU to guarantee it has been grown and processed without any contamination.

The Ingredients To Look Out For

The effect of the ingredients found in gummies depends on the consumer’s body type, tastes, and preferences. For instance, individuals looking for the whole health benefits of CBD may prefer products that lack coloring (Red dye #40), emulsifiers, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners such as glucose solutions or high levels of fructose corn syrup.

It is best to take extra caution when reading the information on the label since most products will show they were processed in facilities likely to expose the consumer to allergens such as soy or wheat. We recommend buying edibles made with natural ingredients. Examples include CBD edibles made from can sugar and not corn syrup, or actual fruit juice. CBD edibles also come in the form of vegan and gluten-free products.

The product extraction process used

There are various ways of extracting CBD; you might find some methods are more effective than others. One of the purest cannabis extraction processes is the supercritical CO2-based extraction method. This process does not rely on any solvent and enables the cannabinoids and terpenes to be preserved in the end product in the best possible way. That way, it gives you the best quality of CBD.

It is recommended to ensure you purchase a CBD-infused product. Be wary of gummies that merely spray the gummies with CBD isolate and sugar solutions to cover the external part only. As you can expect, these gummies will be less effective compared to the infused alternatives. The extra sugars in the product are likely to give you a headache the following day.

Is it possible to buy gummies to treat a specific need or condition? Yes. However, the impact of the gummies will be less because of a specific isolate or blend and more because of the rest of the ingredients, such as melatonin for sleep or tyrosine for energy in the gummy.