Gummies Vs Capsules – Which is Better?

We are used to seeing the same old offering from the supplement industry – it has been lacking in innovation for years. The same pills and capsules continue to line retail shelves. These capsules are hard to sallow and inconvenient to transport (especially if you have to take a series during the day) and there has not been of focus on personalizing the supplements to match individual needs.

At Unwind we take a very different approach. Our patented* pectin formula allows us to provide consumers with personalized blends and combine up to 7 different vitamins super-foods and minerals – resulting in something unique – a mix that maximizes the impact of each ingredient, without them interfering with the actions of each other. Studies have also shown that gummy vitamins lead to a more efficient uptake of Vitamin d (see below).

Chewable Gummy Vitamins are Easy To Take

The gummy form of Nourished Snack is available in gummy form so that you enjoy them in the same way as you would other foods – they are extremely easy to eat. Run-of-the-mill vitamin tablets are often extremely large in order to accommodate all their ingredients – and can therefore be a challenge to swallow. It’s a process that is made even more unpleasant if you are taking multiple supplements.

Superior Taste

Gummy supplements simply provide much more enjoyment than capsules or large pills. Our company can provide Superfoods and vitamins that taste fairly unpleasant in their raw form – but our gummies are delicious – and still provide quality ingredients.

Encapsulating Probiotics – The Advantages

As living bacterium probiotics need to be protected from environmental contaminants. They are essential parts of maintaining the digestive and immune systems. The protection of these probiotics needs to be in place during the period before they are consumed and while in the digestive system – until they reach the small intestine. There are a number of ways that protection can be provided, including spray drying, vacuum drying, and freezing. They can also be encapsulated in a gel substance, similar to the process we at Nourished employ. A recently released report entitled ‘Encapsulation Technology to Protect Probiotic Bacteria’ is clear on the benefits of encapsulation – it is to create a microenvironment that allows the bacteria to survive while being processed. In addition, the encapsulation allows the bacteria to be released at appropriate sites such as the small intestine [1].

The Absorbtion of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is more readily absorbed by the body when it is supplied in gummy format. Vitamin D has been recommended by Public Health England in order to ensure healthy bones and muscles. Another recent study took a closer look at the comparative advantages of taking vitamin D as a tablet or as a gummy [2].

The results of the study indicated that the gummy form increased the availability of Vitamin D when compared to the vitamin supplied in tablet form. There were a variety of factors that influenced this conclusion but they did include the unique preparation (and coating) of sleep gummies as well as consumer habits when it came to consumption. The study also concluded that as gummies are chewed they begin to dissolve and mix with saliva – and then continue their journey through the digestive tract. This provides for greater bio-availability than pills and capsules that are swallowed whole.

The Traditional Approach to Pills and Capsules

Most supplements (for adults) are supplied in pill or capsule format and are designed to be swallowed with water.


  • Dosage instructions are clear. It is therefore easy to regulate your intake
  • Designed to optimize proper absorption (for example in the case of time-release supplements pills)
  • No artificial or added flavoring, largely sugar-free with no artificial coloring


  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Must be taken with food to avoid an upset stomach
  • Can have an unpleasant taste reminiscent of iron or chalk

If you are in search of a simple, baseline supplement and do not have an issue with swallowing pills or capsules then these sorts of supplements may suit your needs. There are also ways to make them easier to swallow such as consuming them with yogurt or any type of pudding.

The Alternative – Gummy Vitamins

Gummy vitamins are becoming an increasingly popular way to enjoy vitamin supplements. There are a number of reasons for this including the fact that they are available in a number of dosages, shapes, and flavors.

The Pros of Gummies

  • Excellent for consumers who have issues regarding swallowing pills
  • Excellent range of fun flavors
  • Chewable and easy to consume (excellent choice for consumers who do not enjoy swallowing pills)
  • Taking them is an enjoyable experience

The Cons of Gummies

  • May contain added sugar, colorants, or sugar alcohols
  • Inferior products may not contain a full list of ingredients and nutrients
  • The temptation to over-indulge

As with most products not all gummy vitamins are created equal. Ensure that you check the ingredients carefully (especially for unwanted additives) and ask a shop assistant for advice on which brands have a reputation for manufacturing quality products.

Making your Choice

If you have a suspicion that your diet may not be providing you with some essential nutrients – or if your physician has recommended a vitamin supplement ensure that you know what vitamins are recommended. Some consumers still prefer the ‘old-school’ tablet and capsule approach due to the fact that it is simple and has been around for generations. Many others are now turning to gummies that taste better, are easier to take, and can turn taking vitamins from a chore into a pleasure. Your vitamin provider can help you make the right choice.