CBD Dosage Tips For First-Time Beginners

Deciding on CBD dosage is not as easy as it seems. There is a lot of complexity involved in the process. Cannabis has been there for centuries but CBD in Ireland is a relatively new product. This is the reason there is a lack of CBD dosing guidelines based on evidence.

Experts recommend the best way for beginners to begin using CBD is to start with a low dosage and increase it gradually. Here are a few things you should consider before starting with CBD.

Starting Dosage with CBD depends on several factors

Your CBD tolerance levels depend on your individual body chemistry as well as your body weight. In addition to these, there are also other factors at play that have an effect on the amount of CBD you should take.

CBD Form

CBD is available in a wide variety of forms. How you take CBD also has an effect on how quickly it acts and the way your body absorbs it. Some of the forms in which CBD is available include:

  • Creams
  • Pills
  • Lotions
  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
  • Edibles
  • Oils
  • Vapes

The dosage will also change with the form. A standard CBD gummy has around 5 mg of CBD whereas one drop of oils and tinctures has around 1 mg of CBD. When it comes to time taken, edibles and capsules take longer as compared to a tincture or spray.

Expected Benefits

CBD is a versatile product and it is used for a wide range of things such as arthritis pain as well as nausea. Your dosage will also vary depending on the intended benefit.

If you are taking it for pain relief, it is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation to begin with a few milligrams of CBD in sublingual form. They recommend increasing this dosage by a similar amount after one week if you do not get the intended pain relief.

The recommended dosage will change if you plan to take CBD for another health benefit.

Interaction with Other Medicines

If you are using other medications, it will also affect the amount of CBD you should take.

In most cases, individuals do not have any problem with CBD but there is not a lot of trusted data on its interaction with other medications. There is some evidence to suggest that CBD may interact with antidepressants, immune suppressant drugs, and blood thinners. It may change how drug is metabolized inside your body. This is why you should always consult your doctor if you are on other medications before you begin with CBD.

How Long It Takes to Be Effective?

The time depends on the form of CBD. If you take edibles, those edibles have to pass through the digestive tract before being absorbed by the body. It also means that only a limited amount of CBD will be in your system.

Another popular form of CBD which is taken sublingually is a tincture. It is absorbed directly into the bloodstream which means it acts much faster.

Onset time

Here is what you need to know about how long it takes for various forms of CBD to become effective.

In the case of edibles, you may have to wait up to 2 hours to feel its effect. If you use sublingual sprays or tinctures, it may kick in within 15 to 45 minutes. In the case of topicals, you will have to wait anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes to start feeling its effects. If you are taking it in a vape form, it usually takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to start showing its effect.

What About Redosing?

If you do not feel the effects of CBD, it does not mean that you should take more of it. Keep in mind that like any other substance you put in your body, too much CBD may have some unwanted effects.

While the human body generally tolerates it well even at a higher dosage but it isn’t completely harmless. If you take too much CBD, you may experience changes in appetite, weight changes, fatigue or diarrhea.

Some recent animal studies have shown that excessive dosage of CBD may lead to liver damage. This is why you should always take it slow in the beginning. Give it enough time to do its thing. It is recommended to stick with a low dosage for around a week before you think about increasing the dosage.

How Long Does the Effect Last?

CBD remains effective for around 2 to 6 hours though it depends on your usage, the amount you have taken as well as tolerance levels of your body.

To enhance your understanding of how your body reacts to CBD, you should start taking some notes such as:

  • Dosage and form of CBD
  • The time it takes to feel the effects
  • Potency of effects
  • The time for which the effects last

Taking such notes will help you figure out how much dosage is right for you and how long the effects last.

Tips for Beginners

If you are a CBD beginner, here are a few tips to help you make it effective, safe and comfortable:

Buy from a trusted seller — There is not a lot of regulation surrounding CBD products and droppers. This industry is known for poor quality control, mislabeling, presence of THC in CBD isolate products and other such issues. This is why you should buy such products only from properly licensed and well-reviewed dispensaries.

Take advice from a professional — It is better to ask a healthcare provider who is aware of your medical history for the right dosage. Keep in mind that sales staff is not your healthcare provider.

Take it before you go to sleep — One of the most well known side effects of CBD is drowsiness. This is why you should take CBD either at bedtime or when you have free time or until you are sure how you are going to react to it.

Do not be — Vaping is not safe as it may lead to lung infections and can even be fatal. Medical watchdogs ares still investigating risks associated with vaping and this is why you should avoid vaping until there is clarity on its risks.


CBD is highly effective, completely safe and well tolerated by the body but everybody is different and reacts differently to CBD. CBD is new in Ireland and this is why proper CBD dosage for an individual depends on wide range of factors.

You should discuss taking CBD with your healthcare provider until there are clear clinical guidelines. It becomes especially important if you plan to use CBD for managing a particular condition or want to take it along with other medications you are currently taking.