How To Store Your CBD Products In The Best Way Possible

The best way to store your CBD products is to ensure that you protect them from exposure to excess air, light, and heat. This is because this preserves the quality and potency of CBD products for a long time.

  • Light: To protect your CBD products from excess or direct light, keep them in a cupboard or dark room.
  • Air: You should ensure that your CBD products are properly sealed when you are not using them. This will protect your products from contaminants like excess oxygen.
  • Heat: You should store your CBD products at room temperature or below room temperature and far from sources of heat like stove radiators and other appliances. Keeping CBD products in the fridge is a safe way to store them. In fact, if you want to store your CBD products for a long time, put them in the freezer.

Other Tips for Storing CBD Products in the Best Way Possible
  • Always store your CBD products in their original packaging. This is because the glass bottles that CBD oil is often sold in are dark and airtight to protect the CBD oil from excess air and light.
  • Always store liquid and balm CBD products uprightly.
  • Always take CBD oil using a clean dropper or utensil to protect your CBD products from contaminants.

CBD products often expire after 1 or 2 years. At this point, they start to degrade and lose potency. The shelf life of these products varies depending on factors like ingredients, quality, the extraction process, packaging, and storage. Expired CBD oil has an unpleasant smell, unpleasant taste, and changes color and consistency.

Can CBD Oil Be Refrigerated?
As we said earlier, keeping CBD oil in the fridge is safe. If you keep your oil in the fridge, shake it well before use as low temperatures can make the oil separate.

How Often Should I Take CBD Oil?
The number of times you take CBD oil on a daily basis depends on various factors including the reasons why you are taking CBD. Here is a good guide

Should I Take CBD in the Morning or at Night?
Different people give different answers to this question as the answer depends on the reason why a person is taking CBD oil Ireland. Some people like taking CBD before going to bed to help them sleep better while other people take it after intense exercise to support recovery.